Church Officers & Staff

Deacon Tyrone Sanders, Sr. serves as Church Business Administrator located in
North Charleston, South Carolina. He has held this position for eight years.
Charleston Air Force Base. After serving 22 years in the United States Air Force,
he retired as a Senior Master Sergeant. He served as transportation liaison for the
South Carolina Department of  Education to the Charleston County School
District for 18 months before becoming Mt. Moriah's CBA.
Deacon Sanders has held several responsible volunteer positions since Deacon
Sanders has held several responsible volunteer positions since becoming a
member of  Mt. Moriah. They include Boy Scouts leader, member of trustee
ministry, and vice chairman of  the trustee ministry. Deacon Sander's ordination
as a spiritual leader of  Mt. Moriah took place in February 2002. He currently
serves as advisor to several ministries, to included the Computer, Grief &
Recovery, Sign and the HIV/AIDS ministries.
Deacon Tyrone Sanders, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Larry Goss, Sr.

Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Dr. Augustus D. Robinson Jr.

Deacon Chairman
Deacon  Terry Mayes

Deacon Vice Chairman
Deacon  Pete Pendergrass

Business Administrator
Deacon Tyrone Sanders Sr.

Trustee Chairman
Bro. Barney Gaillard

Trustee Vice Chairman
Sis. Carolyn Dennis

Sunday School Superintendent
Dea. Edward Williams

Asst. Sunday School Superintendent
Sis. Patsy North
Supervisor: LaVerda James

Sunday School Secretary
Sis. Diane Abraham

Christian Education
Min. Vincent Rutledge

Youth Director
Min. Michelle Mitchell
Asst. Director
Min. Leonard Bailey
Minister of Music
Rev. Darrell Ravenell

Church Clerk / Membership Secretary
Sis. Dolores Ody

Church Treasurer
Sis. Melanie Edwards

Wedding Coordinator
Deaconess Darlene Gaffney
Asst. Coordinator
Barbara White

Brotherhood President
Bro. Robert Smith

Women's Missionary Union President
Sis. Virginia James

Women's Auxiliary President
Deas.Catherine Snypes

Director, Baptist Training Union
Min. Patricia Crawford

Bro. Raymond White
Mt. Moriah's CBA